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I was born in Connecticut, educated in Texas, worked and lived in California,  but I really began to live when I began to live in Idaho! I have been involved with the precious metals industry since 1975. I was a registered investment broker in the 1980’s after serving in the The United States Department of Defense. There I specialized in do my part serving in intelligence, as an expert on the Soviet Subsurface fleet. Much of my work involving the science of antisubmarine warfare in P3 Orion squadrons in the air and missions on the land, later at facilities in Virginia, Iceland, Washington DC,and many exciting assignments throughout Europe and regions from the north pole to the vacinity of the former USSR. I went to college at the University of Texas, receiving a BSCLS education, my focus was mainly chemistry, disease and molecular cell. biology. I furthered my training in California in biotechnology working at a research and development pharmaceutical company. It all comes together in one place where I am blessed to be able to do the work I love the most, science, along with the person I love the most, My wife Yvonne, I have true work happiness. I perform the Chemistry, metallurgy, x-ray fluorescent spectrometry, assaying precious metals and marketing precious metals to help secure peoples wealth and future. I started the physical location of Gem State Gold and Silver in 2007 in response what I perceived as a crack in the precious metals business in the Treasure Valley. There was just a couple of big dogs that ruled it all, and they did not seem to be interested in being very scientific, accurate, or generous. It was the miners I felt were getting the real screwing . Almost everyone uses the outdated, subjective acid test which gives a range but in no way can it determine the exact fineness of gold, silver, platinum or palladium. So as it is, when people sell their scrap 14kt is counted as 55% gold instead of the 58.5% it should be, 10Kt is counted as 39 percent instead of 41.6% and a make up your own scale on the others. With my scientific background precision and exactness is what I crave and strive for and found that the only true way to measure content is with an X-ray fluorescent spectrometer. I took my life savings and bought the best one on the planet. I had to go with Germany to find it. Now people have a place to get and exact measurement of their metals. Here you can get a composition report of any metallic object in less than ten minutes for only $50.00. I can furnish you with a composition report on any item with no harm to the item whatsoever. I can give you verification if your items are real or counterfeit, are they what is stamped on them. I can give you the exact Gold, silver, platinum or palladium content and every metallic element detected from the periodic table. How do you know if the jewelry you bought from a pawn shop, jewelry store or estate place is really as it is marked? You don't! How do you know if the silver or gold bullion you have purchased is really .999 or the content is is supposed to be? Can the person selling it to you prove it? The answer is probably not. The point is we can prove it or verify and or authenticate your purchase for you.